SEO Changes

The Changing World of SEO

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is basically the process of trying to make one website more visible than the others to attract more visitors.  The goal of each search engine optimizer is to make their webpage relatively superior either by editing their html and associated coding, or increasing the website’s relevance in terms of content to improve its search engine result standing.  As part of their online marketing strategy, optimizers try to comprehend and predict how their target market thinks, what search engines people prefer and what keywords would users actually type in to boost their visibility frequency.

Previous trend shows how everyone wants to be ranked organically, but nowadays internet marketing authorities are focusing less on unpaid advertising and are taking into account the more costly means just to ensure that they are getting the maximum traffic conversion for their websites.  With all the constant updates and developments that top search engines are applying, the task of having a website or a single listing well promoted suddenly becomes a feat that requires a lot of effort and time.

Although Google is still seeing continuous growth in their search, it cannot be denied that a decline has been noticed as well.  For starters, the purpose of search or the way it is being used by people today has changed.  Ten years ago you would only see a couple of colorful advertisements displayed on the sides, but these days you will also see ads at the top of the search results; hence allowing less space on the actual page for the organic listings to appear.  Sure, these advertising channels may provide the best venues for private entities to endorse their services and products to anyone online. However, the downside of this kind of search utilization is that it takes away the influx of traffic that the unpaid listings may possibly receive.  It also does not help that the sizes of the monitors and gadgets being released every other month by manufacturing companies are becoming much smaller too.  This makes everything even more difficult because the users will not be able to find the websites that are buried several pages down due to low ranking. Even though it may not seem much the visibility of the sites still gets affected.  Aside from ads, the addition of graph, image and video results has also taken over much of the space that has been originally intended for the organic listings.  One cannot measure exactly just how much these changes have negatively affected the SEOs.  The only thing we can be sure of is that search engines, like Google, have definitely benefited from it.

The updates or algorithms that are regularly enforced by search engines aim to decrease the chances of low-quality websites from showing up in search results since they have been manipulated to appear as if they are of superior quality.  This method may slightly help, but the only thing it truly does is toss the little players out by reducing the search results’ diversity to a certain level.

What can you do to improve your SEO and grow your business?

Well, based on how websites get evaluated according to content, you can develop yours by increasing the amount of substantial information that you are putting in your website.  It would also help if you can set a realistic schedule for your own content updates to sustain the activity of your webpage.  This will make the process of developing your website much easier.  People who have extensive know-how regarding SEOs recommend enhancement of material and frequent distribution through several social networks.  Adding in an article or two may help, but if you want to see remarkable improvement you need to do much more.


Integration of abstracts and commentaries can help.  Abstracts are brief introductions of content that give your readers an idea as to what the subject or story is all about and then link to the original story.  As for commentaries, these short explanations or summaries of an article that may be popular with your audience but you save them the time of reading the complete article while providing the link. Just the same, what you are trying to do here is spread reliable information while getting your site promoted. Unlike before, when the fight for search space was still not tight, you cannot afford not to take any actions and further delay what you can possibly change by staying stagnant.  Nowadays, it is important that you produce material that your audience can relate to and engage with for it to be part of the whole conversion process.

Of course, the use of keywords to catch users can still be done but it may not generate the same results which you are used to like in the past.  The practice of building links through keywords may be viable only for a short period of time as this method is also susceptible to penalties.  Sad to say, writing on keywords alone is no longer effective.  Google is aware of all the tactics web owners or bloggers resort to just get high rankings in organic search.  Anyway, they have already done something about it so the old tricks will just not work anymore.

Black Hat SEO or White Hat SEO

The key to bringing in visitors from multiple sources is to efficiently structure, right from the start, a website that is worthy of a positive ranking. You either go black hat all the way trying every scheme to evade Google’s counter-measures, or play fair and secure a steady flow of online traffic.  White hat SEO is a slow process and not a shortcut to quick rankings that black hat techniques delivered in the past. We know that there is a big risk in black hat techniques. The way to gain popularity while playing by the rules is to constantly upgrade your webpage content.  This is obviously not an easy job to accomplish, but this will insure an outcome that you won’t regret.  If your website has great content and has consistently received notable feedbacks from users, you will get the recognition that you deserve from other web owners and gradually attain top spot in organic search results. Also, other social platforms will be drawn to you and be compelled to form relevant links leading to your domain even without you asking.  Intelligent individuals can easily distinguish published information that is useful to them or not, so make sure that you only give them something that is worth their time.

Everyone who is doing SEO has a choice.  However, unless they become aware of the factors that affect SEOs, they may never fully realize the gravity of each decision they have to make.  They may never have a total grasp of how it will be able to influence their future plans regarding the expansion of their business or just the longevity of keeping it afloat.  If you are an SEO supporter, you have many options available to you.  You can choose the white, the gray or the black hat techniques to give you the result you want to obtain.  No matter how you choose to go on about it, at the end of the day, you will still be the one left to face the consequences.  If you want to stay around for a good number of years, it is probably best to take the direct approach and develop a quality website that will enable you to concentrate on maximizing conversions.


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