Business Card Marketing

People say dentists should put the majority of their dental marketing effort into Internet marketing these days. It is true that Internet marketing is important in today’s business world. However, the value of business cards will never go away. After all, you can’t leave the internet with someone at a networking event. You also can’t tuck the Internet into an information pack at a dental convention. No matter what the market, you will always need effective dental business cards. Attractiveness isn’t the only thing that makes a business card effective, though. Here are some tips for ensuring your business card design is effective.


·         Pick the right size business card. A lot of people tend to forget this, but it is actually a big deal. A 2 X 3-1/2 inch is the current American standard for a horizontal business card. You could also try to new vertical business card; however, most people would prefer the original horizontal design. Another reason horizontal is best because it fits into a wallet with no problem.

·         Make sure you include all of your contact information. You name, company address, phone number (cell phone included) and email address. All this information is very important to have included.

·         Get creative! It is a great idea to include your company logo or even a picture, something that the client will be able to remember you by. You want to stand out and be different than your competitors! Adding color is a must!

·         Composition and format is also very important. You want to make sure your business card is crisp, clean and neat. Overloaded with information or graphics may be a little too overboard and not necessary.

·         Also, try not to use cheap or thin paper! You want it to be of high quality and promote your business that way.  You also want it to be able to hold up efficiently.

There are so many different types of marketing out there in today’s world; print, direct mail, or Internet; you need to have effective business cards available to give out to your potential clients. No matter what kind of business you are in or the type of marketing you are trying to accomplish, the business card is something that will always be needed and important in the business industry! You need to stand out by creating an interesting and effective business card design. Take the time to research and to look around for ideas.


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